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Dominic Bone

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Social Studies Teacher

M.Sc. Business and Management

Overall the most rewarding work has been both teaching and helping others to exceed their expectations and achieve their dreams. It is truly an honor to play a small part in the future success stories of your childrena��

David Waswa

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Math Teacher


Seeing young people grow through my hands and become successful in life is a reward that only a teacher can enjoy, I love it!

Awit Esguerra

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Lab Assistant

Bachelor of Secondary Education

I am a teacher because I believe that the strength of every profession comes from the knowledge and skills that teachers instill in every student.

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AriA�n Van Lavieren

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Art Teacher

KABK The hague

To encourage students and have a possible impact on our world and live with a deep sense of purpose

James Edward Ford

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English language arts

Bachelor of secondary education

I enjoy making classroom activities fun for students and love it when students like my class! I will give the students the best I can!

Chris Wayne

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Elementary Teacher

Bachelor in Naturopathic Medicine

Ia��m trying to use my life to make the world a better place and also for the students I teach. I enjoy when students become better in their discipline and in the community.

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Chinese Teacher

I like the idea of being able to do something significant to the world. Imparting knowledge and guiding young individuals to discover the world makes me feel happy. It is my own little way of making positive contribution to society.

Arlene Bendicio

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Math and Science

Bachelor in Elementary EducationA� A� A� A� A�A�

There are many things to enjoy about being a teacher. One of the most enjoyable things about teaching is your satisfaction that you are changing the life of childrena��s lives.