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Welcome to the NIEC community. 21st century schools are more than just learning venues; they are A�communities that stretch far beyond the infrastructure we all can see in the school environment. Coupling strong principles and integrity with hard work and the desire to achieve, sets us apart from other international schools. Our teachers and administrators work tirelessly to create the sort of environment that our students and their families are proud to call home. For this reason NIEC is regularly selected as the industry leader in international education in Thailand.

Frequently schools are looked at as the place where students go to accrue knowledge solely, and when the day is over, so are studentsa�� relationships with the school. At NIEC we are different. Our leafy campus, complete with 5- star sports facilities and a fantastic indoor swimming pool, is a place where students come to congregate, not just for their education, but also as the hub for their social unit. This marriage between academics and social life helps our students to feel like they are a part of the greater NIEC community.

Deciding on which school is best for your children can be a difficult and trying process. At NIEC we take away the guess work by having a transparent system where expectations are clearly delineated. In the same way that our rigorous expectations are defined for our students, so are our expectations for our fully qualified faculty of teachers. We select teachers not only based on their education and academic pedigree, but also on their ability and desire to create a nurturing environment catering to the specific needs of our diverse population. Chosen from a pool of thousands, NIEC teachers are an exceptional group of people all of whom have a clear understanding of our collective mission and vision.

Centered on creating globally-minded graduates with a deep understanding of application-based learning, we are certain that NIEC will continue to stand out as the leader in South East Asian international education and will for generations strive to provide the absolute best learning environment for our students.

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